Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

There is a theory out there that says a girl who wears animal print is a little naughty. I've thought about this and decided to do a quick survey of my wardrobe and accessories. Here's what I found:

Red and black dress (kind of looks animal printish - I wear it for 80's parties)
Black suede leather jacket with leopard print on the sleeves (also for 80's parties)
Zebra print top
Leopard print scarf
Cheetah print cardigan
Zebra print swimsuit top
Electric blue leopard print tights

Zebra print umbrella
Giraffe print purse
Elephant ring (not really a print - but an animal none the less)
Peacock feather earrings

So what do you think? What's in your wardrobe? Are you naughty or nice?


Mike & Sarah Johnson said...

I think animal prints are chic, and based on your collection, you are one super chic chick! Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!

chelsea said...

Stay away from camp fires b/c you are naughty with all this animal print. Imagine the combo of your animal outfits, the fireplace DOWNSTAIRS in the animal room! Good think the make out couch is down there:)

cindee said...

i say meow you say roar!!!