Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reverence your Womanhood

Today is International Women's Day which appropriately coincides with some thoughts I wanted to share. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a fireside with Elder David A. Bednar. His address was an informal Q&A with the hundreds of young single adults in attendance. There were some excellent questions asked and his responses were so uplifting and inspiring. I really appreciated his comments on being good people and making good choices. One thing he mentioned that stuck out to me was when he told the men in the congregation to find a woman who reverences her womanhood. My roommates and I discussed this idea on the drive home. What does it mean to reverence your womanhood? I think one part of it means to respect the role of women and not to be ashamed of the divine gifts we have been given of nurturing, comforting, child bearing and rearing. Reflecting on this also reminded me of a BYU devotional given by Elder M. Russell Ballard in 2001 called "Women of Righteousness". I distinctly remember sitting in the Marriott Center and listening to this devotional. I was so touched by the Spirit and felt the Lord confirm to me the love He has for his daughters. I am proud to say that I have some amazing examples in my life of women who reverence their womanhood and have taught me how to be a good woman and a faithful daughter of God.

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