Friday, May 6, 2011

#30 Celebrate my 30th birthday in Geneva, Switzerland - DONE

When I put the list of 30 goals together I thought the best way to celebrate my 30h birthday would be to go to Geneva, Switzerland - my birthplace. happened and with work and school demands being in Switzerland on my actual brithday became less of a reality each day. I had a conference for work two days before my birthday and a final the day after. I was kind of bummed and had mentioned it to one of my co-workers in passing. When I got to work on Monday my office had been transformed into Switzerland! Complete with the Alps in the background, swiss chocolate truffles on my desk and garland of the Swiss flag. I was so surprised and may have teared up a little. I am grateful for such great friends!

And they also hid 30 cans of Diet Coke throughout the office. By the time I finished my little scavenger hunt I had a message spelled by a letter on each can.

"Happy Thirtieth Birthday Melissa!"

(The Diet Coke isn't from Switzerland but it is definitely one of my favorite things!)


Mom said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! The only thing better was actually being in Switzerland 30 years ago when you were born! What a glorious day!! (Please thank your wonderful and VERY creative friends for us!) xo, Mom and Dad

Cara said...

How fun! What great coworkers you have!