Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am a Chemistry Genius....

This is the mantra I am repeating each day this semester. Chemistry has never been my strong suit and so I decided when I registered to take chem that I needed a motto of sorts to get me pumped up.

"I am a Chemistry Genius" - it just evolved organically.

Although after finding these two jokes hilarious I wonder if I should change my mantra to "I am a Chemistry Nerd".

Joke #1:

Two men walk into a bar. The first man orders H2O. The second man says "I would like some H2O too." The second man died. (**H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide**)

Joke #2:

If you aren't part of the solution you are the precipitate.

No matter what the mantra is by the end of the semester, I am happy to report that I am actually enjoying chemistry. No joke!


chelsea said...

I love the motto and you CAN do it! So proud of you. PS. If the classroom chemistry doesn't work out no worries b/c all the boys know you have another kind of chemistry mastered! XOXO

Club Narwhal said...

i'm stealing these jokes. they're like every good thing about a "dad joke!"

Darrell said...

I'm proud of you even if you struggle with Chemistry. It must be the only weakness that you have. I will always think of you as the "Total Package"!

Cara said...

Ha, ha! Love it! And, glad you're enjoying the class as well.

cindee said...

my oldest sister actually studied chemistry. . .at one time, she even decorated her condo with model molecules!