Thursday, September 13, 2007


What a fascinating trip! And such an adventure! Sarah and I were all packed and ready to go Saturday. We got to the airport and boarded our plane, still trying to let the fact settle in that we were on our way to Israel! But alas, due to weather our flights got cancelled so we deboarded and desperately tried to find a flight to get us to Paris in time to connect. But the crazy "summer weather" wouldn't allow us to fly out. So we called Chelsea and she came and picked us up at the airport. We were so bummed. You know how it is... we were so pumped to be on a 13 hour plane ride to Israel and then it didn't happen. So we went home kind of depressed and just moped. Come Sunday morning however we were determined to get on a plane. So we went to the airport and flew out on the first flight to JFK. We just were glad to be on the first leg of our journey. From there everything went smoothly and we arrived in Tel Aviv.
(our welcoming committee - jk)

We made it to Kyler's place (which is so nice) and got settled in. That evening our "personal tour guide", Kyler, drove us around Jerusalem so we could get a feel for the city and then we spent sometime at the Western Wall. It was incredible!
I was so amazed by the city and the people and knew that I was going to love this vacation......more to come!

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