Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Old City

I think one of my favorite things about this vacation was to just wander through the Old City and mingle with people. Give me an open air market in a foreign country and I am a happy camper!

Our first full day in Jerusalem we walked the Via Dolorosa through the city supposedly following the last steps Christ took before his crucifixion and burial. It starts on the Mount of Olives/ Garden of Gethsemane with an incredible view and then takes you through the Kidron Valley into Jerusalem, the Pools of Bethesda, an incredible view of the Dome of the Rock from inside a madrasa (which some local guy showed us and then asked if either of us wanted to marry him,) and finally ending up at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which has been covered with gold and ornate mosaics, etc. It was so interesting to see the pilgrims that were there falling and weeping over sites where Christ may have been crucified and buried. (a stark contrast to the Garden Tomb which we visited later in our trip.)

After walking around the Old City we met up with Kyler and went out to eat in the New City. We had laf laf (traditional Israeli dish.) It was tasty! And then walked around Ben Yehuda which is the hip place for young people to hang out at.

It was such a fun day and full of new information and so many questions about the culture and religions and politics. Poor Kyler got bombarded each evening with all our inquiries!

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